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Dave Balch

Dave Balch supported his wife through four successful battles with breast cancer, going with her to over 250 medical appointments and caring for her during six surgeries, two rounds of chemotherapy, and three rounds of radiation treatments. He did everything from bathing her to making her meals to changing her surgical dressings, all while maintaining his home software business and taking care of a ranch, two horses, two cats, two dogs, and a really mean parrot.

He was profiled in The Wall Street Journal, is the author of Cancer For Two: An Inspiring True Story and Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Partners, and is founder of The Patient/Partner Project and

Karyn Buxman RN, MS, CSP, CPAE

Karyn is a speaker, nurse and freaking’ funny lady who delivers insights cleverly disguised as humor. She shares with folks from the world of healthcare how to think with an amazed & amused mind, how to love with an amazed & amused heart, and how to live with an amazed & amused spirit. She’s seriously funny when she talks about success and significance and she’s committed to humor for health and profitability.

Greg Godek

Greg Godek is the author of the 3-million-copy bestseller "1001 Ways To Be Romantic." He is a relationship expert who specializes in romance, teaching people how to express their love for one another with a focus on themselves and their partners as INDIVIDUALS, and not as gender stereotypes.  He has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Donahue, and Oprah.

Sheryl Roush

Sheryl Roush is the Sparkle-Tude™ Expert, helping people boost their attitude, rekindle their spirit, strengthen their faith, and find significance in their life. She has been on programs alongside celebrities such as Olivia Newton-John, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Jane Seymour, Good Morning America’s Joan Lunden, and Suze Orman.

Peggy O`Neill

Peggy O'Neill is an advocate for positive living. Having triumphed over many challenges, Peggy now celebrates her uniqueness! From the soaring height of 3'8", she works as a psychotherapist, speaker, author, coach, and is a featured teacher in the new self-help movie: The Opus.

Linda Talley, CSP

Linda Talley is known as the Body Language Coach with an active career speaking to audiences more than 70 times/year on how to build better business and personal relationships using the other 90% of the communication process: body language. She comes from a background in multi-hospital marketing administration so she is no stranger to the healthcare arena.

Jeff Tobe, CSP

Jeff Tobe is an expert in creative thinking, a professional speaker who communicates creative thinking principles over 100 times a year to audiences around the country, and a cancer survivor having recently beaten an extremely unusual form of cancer. His combination of talent and experience makes him uniquely qualified to tell us how to apply creative thinking techniques to serious illness.

Hugh Bialecki, DMD

Hugh Bialecki has been in private practice for almost 30 years, and is very active in the dental industry and educational pursuits. He is a member of Tri-County Dental Association, California Dental Association, American Dental Association, Academy for Sports Dentistry, and a former clinical instructor at Washington University School of Dental Medicine, St. Louis, MO.

Leslie Charles, CSP

As the author of seven books, Leslie's critically acclaimed Why Is Everyone So Cranky? thrust her into the media spotlight for nearly three years, making her a recognized expert on anger management and stress. She's appeared on all of the major TV networks, numerous magazines, hundreds of radio shows, and quoted in many newspapers, including a USA Today cover story.

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

In 1977, Jim Cathcart formed the Cathcart Institute and today has produced 14 books and hundreds of recorded programs to help people grow. Jim's belief is that the quickest way to succeed is to develop in yourself the qualities of the person who would reach your goals. He focuses on helping people become eligible for the future they want.

Vicki Rackner, MD, FACS

Vicki Rackner MD, the founder of The Caregiver Club, is a board-certified surgeon who left the O.R. to help caregivers avoid burnout, manage dark feelings, and speak up with the doctor. She is a nationally-noted expert in the doctor-patient relationship who is regularly quoted in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, and USA Today to name a few. 

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